Friday, 18 October 2013

"Topography" exhibition opening

Yesterday was the opening of our first show for this years Art, Space and Nature students. We had it all done and ready by 16.00 and that was when the first guests arrived. This weeks theme was "Topography",  everyone had responded to the theme in different ways and it was really interesting to see all the finished pieces. We did not have too much time on this project since we just came back from our field trip to Orkney last thursday, but everyone did their best and put an effort into making a  successful exhibition.

Here is the program for the exhibition including titles, names and a little description of everyones work.

I did part of the designing and curating for the show, so I was involved with everyones work and did my best to put it all together, which was something I found very interesting and fun. Being a pretty organised person, I enjoy doing things like this. 

Here are some more photos from the opening

I will try to get a picture of all the works on monday, but did not have time for it yesterday, too busy getting the show ready and welcoming our guests.

My own project

Short description of my work:
"So close...yet so far"
Window and wall of the building separating “two worlds”. 
Illustrated by the bank on one side and the poor man 
sitting on the outside. 

When I presented my work for the rest of my course and tutors I got a pretty good feedback on how I had responded to the theme and I got some useful tips on what I could do to improve it. The pictures are showing how the same place can be the host for different "worlds". The beggar represents the "poor" world and the bank is the "rich". This could develop into a bigger collection of photos showing different "everyday" situations where the border between rich and poor is shown. If the pictures are good and clear enough, I wouldn't need the writings in the piece. 

The show is on until Wednesday the 23rd so hopefully some more people with pop in to Tent Gallery and have a little look at our work. In the meantime I will start thinking about and preparing for the next exhibition, which is "DYSTOPIA".

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