Monday, 16 December 2013


Just got an e-mail confirmation that I will be doing this exhibition in January!


I will be exhibiting my Topos piece at the ForestCentrePlus at the end of January next year. Just gonna do some improvement to the piece when I get back to Edinburgh after the Christmas break and the opening will happen on the 17th! So excited!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Topos exhibition

What: Fifth and final exhibition in the TOPOI series: Topos
Where: TENT Gallery and studio space
Who: Students of Art, Space and Nature
When: Thursday 12th of December

Photos from the opening:

My piece:

Title: "Lights of Steinsholt"
Description: Abstract map of my topos, or my home. 
The piece consists of six cardboard boxes with a laser cut map on them. The map is of my home in Norway and some of the surrounding area. The coloured lights inside represents the colours of the landscapes/earth and it lights up the cuts of the map which represents the roads and river of Steinsholt where I live back home in Norway. 

During the crit I got some comments on the quality of the boxes themselves (which is totally understandable, but what can you do when you don't have all the time in the world) and also I got comments on the positioning of the boxes. I take note of the comments and they were all helpful, but I'm quite happy with the outcome considering these exhibitions are for experimenting and trying things out. I will probably redo this project next term and try to improve it and play around with it a little more. In general, I was happy with my contribution this week.

When it comes to the exhibition as a whole, it was probably one of the most successful one. We had a lot of different contributions this time and even though we didn't have a massive body of work, each piece did its job on filling our space. It was kind of crowded without really being crowded, which was really interesting and good to see. Let's not forget the catering table this time around as well, we all brought something to the table (literally) this time, which meant there was a lot of different refreshments from all around the world, or at least the world of ASN. 

Conclusion: Great finale to our Topoi series!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Invite to TOPOS

This thursday it is time for the fifth and final exhibition in our TOPOI series. 
This time exploring:

The Meaning of Place

There are a lot of interesting ideas being developed and there will be some special refreshments for this show. Hint: international students


Sunday, 8 December 2013

Presentation in Perth

Friday 6th of December
Royal Scottish Geographical Society in Perth
ASN Students presenting proposals for the "Croll Garden"

This is my presentation sheet:

My presentation:

The whole gang after our presentations were done:

Tour of the museum:
We had a little tour of the museum after our tour and for those of us who had not been there before it was nice to finally see the space we have been designing.

Thanks to Yanli for taking and sharing these photos with us. 


We (the students of ASN) made a trip to Perth this past friday to present design proposals to the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. We were asked to design a small garden space, which is to remember the Scottish scientist James Croll and his theories of climate change. The proposals will be reviewed by the RSGS and the public, there will probably be an exhibition of all our proposals some time next spring when they open the museum up again and then one of our proposals (or a combination of several) will be chosen to inhabit the garden. Both our tutor and the guys from the RSGS were impressed by the level of professionalism in our work and presentations and the amount of detail we have put in to it, and that is always very nice to hear. Big thanks to Mike Robinson, Fraser Shand and the Royal Scottish Geographical Society for giving us this opportunity, it has been a great experience so far. 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Topos work in progress

This is what I am working on at the moment, next to preparing the presentation for tomorrow. This is going to be laser cut in cardboard and be put together as little light boxes. The theme is topos, and this is an abstract map of where I am from, topos=place --> home = my place. The idea is not that you would be able to read the map, but the cuts does have a meaning and a relation to a place. I am working on getting the right file for the laser cutter at the moment, then it will be cut on monday morning and I will assemble my little boxes ready for the exhibition once I have all the pieces. 

To be continued..

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Deadlines coming up..

It is the 3rd of December, Christmas is getting closer, the flights back home for the break are booked and deadlines for uni work are SO SO close! There is a lot to do before my plane leaves for London on the 15th of December. 
Time schedule for the next two weeks:

Wednesday 4th: print and mount A2 sheets for design presentation
Friday 6th: present design proposal for the "James Croll Garden" in Perth. This is a design competition we have been working on since the start of term and this friday the jury up at the Royal Scottish Geographical Society in Perth will pick one of our designs that will become part of the garden at the Fair Maids House. 
Tuesday 10th: Review of this terms work. We all get 30 min with our tutors where we spend 10 mins presenting all the work we have done so far and then we have a 20 min discussion after. 
Wednesday 11th: Put the last exhibition in the TOPOI series up. This fifth show is called TOPOS, which means place. From what we have planned so far, it should be pretty good. 
Thursday 12th: Last day of reading group this term and we are ending it with a PechaKucha day. We have all chosen an artist who also writes as part of their practice and we all get 20 slides which runs for 20 seconds each and we have a presentation about our chosen artist. This should be an interesting and fun thing to do. Then after that is done, it is time for the last Creative Ecologies exhibition of the year, Topos which will open at 6pm in Tent Gallery. 

Bits and bobs of what I am working on:

The Croll Garden

The Topos exhibition

with a bit (quite a lot) of editing
some cardboard
a lasercutter
hopefully a pretty cool light installation representing "my place" (home)

The PechaKucha
This is the lady I'm going to talk about
Joyce Cutler Shaw

One of her many works

The Orkney Project

Kind of lost on this one...I have ideas, but I am still waiting for some e-mails with replies to my requests so I can't really do a lot until I have those. 

I am working on a book of inspiration which I am just kind of filling up as I go along and adding stuff to it whenever I come across something that I find interesting. So this is one of the things that are taking up a page

and here is another

and some research that has made it to a page

Well...this is what I am working on at the moment, more updates to come. 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Interiors UK 2014

When I checked my e-mails this afternoon there was one from WAN's News and it was about the Interiors UK 2014! Which is:

The UK’s definitive Interiors event for furniture, lifestyle & design

This time it will be in Birmingham from the 19-22nd of January and I so want to go. Four days of design, furniture, lighting, elegance and inspiration, sounds absolutely perfect to me! 

There will be a bit of this

and this..

..and this..


and this..


and this..

and this:

All this and more will be at the Interiors UK 2014. 450 exhibitors from all over the UK plus, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, Portugal and many many more. 

Now I just have to check my schedule for next term and see if I can get this booked in.