Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How I live

Thought I could show you a few details from my little flat. I live in student accommodation where furniture are included and you're not allowed to do a lot to anything (like putting pins and needles in the walls), but I have done my best to add a bit of personality to it so here are some shots from my studio flat B14:) 

Guess what my favourite colour is?:) And yes...I LOVE shoes so couldn't just let them all hide in the wardrobe. 

I better get back to work and prepare for my tutorials tomorrow, busy times ahead, but I think it will lead to something really nice! Stay tuned✌️


  1. Skoa med smykke var stilige! Ser du har klart å gjøre det hjemmekoselig selv om du ikke får lov å gjøre så mye, det er bra. Håper jeg får besøkt deg mens du er der :)

  2. Takk takk :D Er ganske så fornøyd! Og jeg vil gjerne ha besøk :)