Friday, 4 October 2013

Rainy day and new toy!

The clouds were very grey and the rain was pooring down today so not exactly tempting to go out! But when you have stuff to do there's nothing else to do than put the rain coat on and embrace it! I had a mission to find a new "tool" to my field trip and headed to Wonderland Models where I bought myself a pinhole camera kit! I'm going to take pictures the "old fashion way", bringing my digital camera as well, but thought it could be interesting to try something else. SO, when I got home I sat down and put my new toy together! 
The box
All the pieces
And all done! Very excited to start using it, I have no idea what the pictures will look like, but that's the point!

I also took this shot on my way around town today. Being and "arty farty" person I thought the reflection was pretty cool.
The day might seem a bit grey when you walk out the door, but you can always find something that will brighten your day! 

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