Saturday, 14 December 2013

Topos exhibition

What: Fifth and final exhibition in the TOPOI series: Topos
Where: TENT Gallery and studio space
Who: Students of Art, Space and Nature
When: Thursday 12th of December

Photos from the opening:

My piece:

Title: "Lights of Steinsholt"
Description: Abstract map of my topos, or my home. 
The piece consists of six cardboard boxes with a laser cut map on them. The map is of my home in Norway and some of the surrounding area. The coloured lights inside represents the colours of the landscapes/earth and it lights up the cuts of the map which represents the roads and river of Steinsholt where I live back home in Norway. 

During the crit I got some comments on the quality of the boxes themselves (which is totally understandable, but what can you do when you don't have all the time in the world) and also I got comments on the positioning of the boxes. I take note of the comments and they were all helpful, but I'm quite happy with the outcome considering these exhibitions are for experimenting and trying things out. I will probably redo this project next term and try to improve it and play around with it a little more. In general, I was happy with my contribution this week.

When it comes to the exhibition as a whole, it was probably one of the most successful one. We had a lot of different contributions this time and even though we didn't have a massive body of work, each piece did its job on filling our space. It was kind of crowded without really being crowded, which was really interesting and good to see. Let's not forget the catering table this time around as well, we all brought something to the table (literally) this time, which meant there was a lot of different refreshments from all around the world, or at least the world of ASN. 

Conclusion: Great finale to our Topoi series!

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