Sunday, 8 December 2013

Presentation in Perth

Friday 6th of December
Royal Scottish Geographical Society in Perth
ASN Students presenting proposals for the "Croll Garden"

This is my presentation sheet:

My presentation:

The whole gang after our presentations were done:

Tour of the museum:
We had a little tour of the museum after our tour and for those of us who had not been there before it was nice to finally see the space we have been designing.

Thanks to Yanli for taking and sharing these photos with us. 


We (the students of ASN) made a trip to Perth this past friday to present design proposals to the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. We were asked to design a small garden space, which is to remember the Scottish scientist James Croll and his theories of climate change. The proposals will be reviewed by the RSGS and the public, there will probably be an exhibition of all our proposals some time next spring when they open the museum up again and then one of our proposals (or a combination of several) will be chosen to inhabit the garden. Both our tutor and the guys from the RSGS were impressed by the level of professionalism in our work and presentations and the amount of detail we have put in to it, and that is always very nice to hear. Big thanks to Mike Robinson, Fraser Shand and the Royal Scottish Geographical Society for giving us this opportunity, it has been a great experience so far. 

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