Monday, 4 November 2013


The Students of Art, Space and Nature presented
Exhibition in TENT Gallery
Thursday 31st of October (aka. Halloween)

This was part of our Topoi exhibition series and this event focused on the topic that is Dystopia. We all had an idea that Dystopia is about people loosing their humanity, personality and "colour", so the exhibition which included films, audio, pictures, sculptures, installations and a performance was focused around this "dehumanization" in a way. It fell conveniently on the night of Halloween so we wanted to create an event that would suit this as well, but without being a typical pumpkin and ghost thing. We managed to create an event that was both intriguing and disturbing, representing our impression of a dystopia. 

This is the film Diandra, Akshaya and I made for the show called "In Course of Time".
Exploring the topic of Dystopia and showing how human beings might all end up the same in the future because technology will be taking over.

The event was pretty successful, quite a lot of people showed up and they were all positive about the event so that is great news for us. We did put down quite a lot of work for this event so getting good feedback is always great.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our gallery, hope you had as much fun as we did!
Stay tuned.. 

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